Large selection of erotic massages at Angelhands Spa

Experience the world of erotic massages in an incredible ambience. Beautiful women are waiting to pamper you erotically and give you the relaxation you deserve.

Erotic Massage in Berlin

Our erotic massages include tantra (body-to-body), classical, Spanish massage and a highly intensive lingam massage afterwards. Of course you can also combine other massages with each other if you wish.

These erotic massages await you

Lingam Massage - Penis Massage

Massage of the intimate area with our fishing hands, included in each of our offered massages (no extra charge)! The Lingam massage is a highly intensive, erotic feeling at Angelhands Spa.

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Tantra Massage / Body to Body Massage

The Tantra Massage / Body to Body Massage is a body massage where your masseuse massages your body with your own naked body. Pure skin contact! This body to body massage is a standard procedure for all our erotic massages and is a full body massage, which builds up very close body contact with the person being treated. The complete and naked body, rubbed with full oil, is used for the massage. Through the tender massage and the close body contact you will escape from the real world and feel highest pleasures and pure relaxation! Highest pleasure especially in combination with NURU MASSAGE GEL.

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Nuru Massage

Nuru Massage Berlin at Angelhands - Enjoy with our original Nuru Massage Gel. For all those who find massage oil too boring.

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Spanish Massage

The Spanish massage is especially for men and takes place with the best piece between the well-formed breasts of women. Those who attach great importance to enjoying this massage should choose a masseuse with a large bust size.

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4 Hand Massage / Double Massage

Let yourself be pampered by 2 women at the same time. Naked skin twice. Why 2 hands, when you can also get 4 hands - and not only hands...

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Mutual Massage

Would you also like to massage a beautiful woman? No problem! Our beautiful angels at Angelhands are looking forward to being massaged by you.

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Classical Massage

Let our magic hands release your tensions. Depending on how you wish it can be massaged a little stronger or normal.

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Dominant massage

Experience our angels from their dark side. Shackles, gagging, blindfolded and and and and ...! Here every guest should discuss his or her wishes with us in advance to avoid any unpleasant surprises. If you are too soft - this massage is not for you.

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Greek Massage / Prostate Massage

Prostate massage, also called Greek massage, stimulates the prostate gland (G-spot) of the man. Many men have a sexual climax with intensive stimulation of the rectum without stimulating the penis itself. The prostate in combination with a Tantra massage can combine sexual stimulation and relaxation.

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Hot Stone Massage

If you have a lot of tension, we recommend a hot stone massage on our heated hamam stone. You will feel the heat from above and below and by the massage with the hot stones you will loosen your muscles again.

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Couples massage / Erotic massage for couples

We also offer erotic massages for couples, where you can enjoy wonderful eroticism in separate or the same room. On request we also have 2 male trained masseurs at Angelhands.

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Massage for women / Masseur for women

Also the women have the possibility to get an erotic massage with crisp young masseurs. If you are interested, it is best to contact us by phone or e-mail, as it is necessary to make an appointment for a massage for women. We can also send you photos of our masseurs on request.

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