Erotic massage for women in Berlin

Massage for women / eroticism for women

Emancipation in a luxurious ambience or: Why even stressed out business ladies should visit us...

We at Angelhands Wellness & Spa not only have a keen sense of what our customers need for their physical and mental well-being. No, we also have a very strong sense of justice. We thought to ourselves: What is restful, revitalizing, relaxing and exciting for the masters of creation can also have a positive effect on the city's stressed business women.

So we also engaged sporty, attractive, humorous, communicative and above all trained masseurs who passionately take care of the physical needs of the ladies in our luxuriously equipped rooms. Of course, the ladies can also combine all treatments with each other. How about a moisturizing milk bath, then a sensitive peeling by a skilled man's hand and finally an erotic massage in a class of its own?

The erotic component makes the difference to the conventional wellness weekend - our masseurs put the crown on their short vacation, so to speak. This offer especially for women is rare, if not unique in Berlin. Dear ladies, it is worth it.

This is Diego! In his early 30s and well-trained and knows exactly how to pamper you