Couples Massage

Couples Massage Berlin / Couples Massage in Berlin at Angelhands

At Angelhands also couples experience an erotic massage. The sensuality in a relationship is revived. It can open up new ways in established relationships and offers the opportunity to talk about one's own sexuality and body perception. It can open doors for a new quality of touch, doors to more lust and eroticism.

Photos of our male masseurs can be found on this homepage under the category "Massage for women"

Massage for couples in Berlin

The prerequisite for this is the willingness to enter new territory, to experience that the partner is touched by a stranger all over his or her body. In the protected space of the massage, both partners can give themselves completely to the touch - and know that the other is feeling the same at the same time. A strong feeling that connects deeply and gives some couples a completely new perspective on their togetherness.

And then there is the question of who wants to be massaged by whom? The woman by a man and the man by a woman. Or the woman by a woman and the man also by a woman? You have the choice. You just have to make an appointment for it.

A couple massage can be done like this: The massage begins with a common rítual, an attunement. Then you will be massaged at the same time, in the same room or in two adjacent rooms.

Couple massage, a dream for two

During a massage in two separate rooms it is usually easier for each individual to be with himself and not have to worry about his partner. We can design the massage individually and intuitively, according to the needs of each individual.

During a massage in the same room you will stay connected side by side and will be massaged by us in the same rhythm and synchronously. As a couple you can feel deeply connected in the common experience and yet each of you can also feel connected in your own experiences.

Of course you can discuss with us which form suits you best.

If desired, couples can also use our wellness offers, such as together in the whirlpool, or in our mineral cast tub or on the Hammamstein for a peeling.