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Experience incredible eroticism


The door closes behind you. Relaxed lounge music comes to your ear. It smells good. Wherever your eye looks, it discovers precious materials. All of a sudden you feel so unexpectedly comfortable and it feels as if you have just entered a parallel world. One in which concepts like stress and hectic do not exist.

You are already sure: This must be the place you have been longing for. Here you will experience deepest relaxation and contentment, you will fill up with the energy you so urgently need for the next round in the ever faster moving carousel of life. You are right. You will be. Welcome to Angelhands Spa: Wellness and dreamlike beautiful women offer crackling eroticism in a luxurious ambience. You have earned it!

Let us spoil you

Erotische Wellnessmassage
Nur 80 Euro
Tantramassage in Kombination mit der Lingammassage.
Dauer - Miete - Masseurin = Preis
30 min 40€ + 40€ = 80 Euro
45 min 50€ + 50€ = 100 Euro
60 min 60€ + 60€ = 120 Euro
90 min 90€ + 90€ = 180 Euro
Relax & Scream
Nur 140 Euro
Unser Angebot: 60 Minuten
erotische Wellnessmassage inklusive Whirlpool
Dauer - Miete - Masseurin = Preis
60 min 70€ + 70€ = 140€
Meersalzbad + Hamamstein
Nur 220 Euro
Unser Angebot: 90 Minuten
Anwendung, inklusive Bad in Mineralgusswanne, Bodypeeling auf beheitztem Granitstein
und erotische Wellnessmassage
Dauer - Miete - Masseurin = Preis
90 min 110€ + 110€ = 220€

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Let yourself fall completely, hide all worries and problems. A unique spa ambience awaits you here.

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