4 Hand Massage

Double Massage / 4 Hand Massage Berlin at Angelhands Wellnes & Spa

Let two of our enchanting ladies abduct you. Through the presence of four energizing hands you will lose the ground under your feet. The loss of any orientation will let you experience overflowing and bubbling sensuality, as well as bring your body into a weightless similar state.

Experience an unforgettable 4 hands massage with our Angelhands

An erotic massage with a young woman is something wonderful. But if 2 beautiful women with 4 hands are attacking your whole body, this would make everything even more beautiful, wouldn't it? You touch 2 women at the same time and 4 hands or, in the case of the tantra massage, 2 beautiful bodies of our masseuses let us take you away into the indescribable and let you worship your body in new dimensions.

4Hand massage is a real pleasure!

If you think you already know everything, you will enjoy the 4-hand massage at Angelhands Spa. Our masseuses are so pretty that you would need a license to twist your eyes. With exactly these beautiful women you will experience something very special. Pure eroticism - in a double pack!